Friday, February 27, 2009

Page 1-2 Playoff: BC v Quebec, continued

Through the first five ends, the teams seem quite evenly match, as shown by the score and by the identical team percentages.

End #6 developed nicely for BC and Quebec had trouble breaking it up. Several misses by Quebec, and a perfect hit-and-roll by BC. Considerable discussion by BC despite their doing so well. Now considerable disccusion by Quebec. Larouche's last shot is left wide open, leaving Mallett with a hit for three (narrowly missed a double for five).
BC 5, Quebec 2

And I'm just too tired to keep this up.

Update: Well, I see that the sixth end was pretty much the determining end, in terms of scoring. Quebec never recovered, and BC ended up winning this game 7-5.

This afternoon (2:30 EST) it will be the 3-4 page play-off featuring Saskatchewan v. Team Canada. And this evening at 7pm (EST) the semifinal, with Quebec playing the winner of the 3-4 playoff.

I may be able to see most of this afternoon`s game, but I will miss tonight`s game completely, unfortunately. Also, our granddaughter is singing in a concert tomorrow afternoon, but it looks as if we will not have miss the final, which is at 8pm EST on Sunday.



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