Sunday, March 01, 2009

2009 Scott Final, Conclusion

End #9:
Wow! Officer removed three BC guards and rolled her shooter over to the boards. Amazing combination of luck and skill after BC was trying so hard to set up a steal.

BC tries, futilely, to set up more guards, and Team Canada peels them. I wonder whether (and if so, why) MacInnes was light on a preponderance of her last five or six shots. She was way light on a freeze attempt, and Cathy O peeled it. Then Mallett was 5" light with her freeze attempt, so Jones was able to run one of her stones back onto the BC stone to remove it. All that's left for Mallett is a double, leaving her rock open in the rings. Canada hits and rolls, but stays in the rings. Scores one and is up by three without the hammer coming home.

Canada 8, BC 5

End #10
Is anyone else disgusted by the Bud-Lite dog-balloon ad? I'm completely turned off by that guy in blue in ALL his ads.

Team Canada is fully in control of the 10th end. Officer removes guards and leaves two red rocks (Canada) nearly frozen to each other near the button. MacInnes finally gets one into the house, right behind a Team Canada rock, but it's still not deep enough, leaving Jones with a chance to drive it out off her own rock.

Well.... BC has only three rocks left and nowhere to put 'em. MacInnes couldn't freeze to either red stone on the side of the rings, leaving a pickable rock. Canada instead drives one of their own back onto the yellow, removing it and winning the championship!

Well, I guess all those TSN poll answerers knew better than I did in picking Team Canada to win.

Congratulations to Team Canada and the Jones rink. They'll represent Canada VERY well in Korea.

What a treat the Scott was! I really love watching good curling.



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