Thursday, March 05, 2009

In the Interest of Equality and Fair Treatment...

I posted earlier that I thought the women curlers in the 2009 Scott Tournament of Hearts had paid much more attention to their hair and their makeup for the opening draw on Saturday than they did the next morning. In the comment section for that posting, there was some disagreement.

So in the interest of equality and fairness, I should probably try to assess whether the men at the 2009 Tim Horton's Brier follow a similar pattern. Will they look a bit less kempt on Sunday morning than on Saturday? How might one try to answer this question? What would be appropriate criteria? Unshavenness? Slovenly shirt-tails? Messier hair? Blearier eyes? [god forbid] Less makeup?

Unfortunately, I will have to miss much of the The Brier. I'll be attending this conference in Toronto, and I have a day job to show up at a few times next week. So maybe our loyal reader(s) can keep tabs on this and offer their own opinions...



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