Monday, March 09, 2009

The Brier : Draw #7

TSN have picked Manitoba-BC. (3-1 vs 1-2 - I am not sure how committed I will be.)
END #1: BC get the first roll on some hit and roll attempts. They now have a rock, with the hammer, tucked in behind guards. Manitoba freeze to it perfectly - front of the 12-foot. BC put a rock inadvertently into the 8-foot, and open. Manitoba plan a freeze again - they are short. Sorry - off preparing food; I too have to eat. Now they ARE frozen onto the rock in the center. BC come up way short, as they apparently did while I was engaged in cooking. Manitoba guarding now like crazy. BC light again!? Manitoba think they are in good shape for a steal of one and throw away their last rock. BC do the same. WEIRD. Manitoba take 1.
END #2: Mostly early misses in this end. BC now have two rocks in the front 8-foot more or less behind a Manitoba guard. One of those is now gone. BC do not get deep enough and Manitoba eyes a double. It almost works - Manitoba lie two, but the BC rock is not gone, lurking in the 12-foot on the left. Front guard is gone - BC wrecked on it. Manitoba come in to fill the house. Exchange of front rocks. BC must draw for a not so easy one. And done very prettily. 1-1 after 2.
END #3: Manitoba have a rock frozen to a BC rock in the 8-foot center behind guards. Now Manitoba have removed the guards. BC put a guard back. Went away again for food prep and am not sure what happened. BC rock at the back of the button with shot rock. Now Manitoba have three rocks lined up in front of it, though. BC toss a rock in to confuse the scene. Manitoba slightly miss a shot - another rock of theirs now around the button. If that one BC rock gets kicked out they are in a real mess. BC put up a guard but leave a hole and Manitoba decide to go for the murderous tap-back. He barely misses and is baffled. There are three Mantioba rocks in front of the BC rock, and Stoughton has a number of paths. BC closes one of them, the one Stoughton just missed through. Stoughton is now coming the other way. Perfect runback for three!
END #4: I got interrupted but Manitoba steal one. 5-1.
END #5: Stoughton clears the house to foil a Manitoba attempt at 2.
This whole draw is looking as if it is playing to form - all of Ontario, NL, Manitoba, and NS have commanding leads at the break. My attention may be selectively brought to bear on play coming up.
END #6: A roller-coaster ride at the end, where at one point there seemed a shot for BC to count 3. The first skip rock is a miss, allowing Stoughton to double away the BC rocks and force BC to take a draw for one. 5-2 Manitoba.
END #7?: Manitoba take 3. BC throw in the towel.
What will we see now? There were no competitive matches at the break.
And they switch to one of the other non-competitive matches - Ontario-PEI - which has unfolded in "I'll take 2, you get 1" repeatedly, with PEI in the second person.
TSN give up on that one and flip to NS-NOnt. I am heading back to Law and Order.
I hope I can cover the evening draw. But I have to get up at 5:30 AM so it might not fly.



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