Sunday, March 08, 2009

The Brier - Draw #4

TSN is featuring NS (Dacey) vs. NWT (Koe).
End #1: NS have a rock buried at the back of the button behind three front guards on and near the center line. Koe removes one of them with a shot meant to take out more. Unfortunately this gives Dacey a path into the house, which he did not have before. They go to the top of the 8-foot behind the remaining guards. They seem amazed by the curl of the ice but adapted nicely. Koe draws against two. He is too heavy and NS steal two.
END #2: Sorry - there is also golf and a soap opera on. NS have a rock in the front of the 8-foot behind cover. NWT tap that NS rock and sit somewhat open in the 8-foot. NS wreck on the guard, clearing it. Koe removes the NS rock from the house but is open now to a double. Dacey blasts everything out of sight. There are still front guards on the left for Koe to exploit. He puts a rock in the middle of the 8-foot behind cover. Dacey runs back a NS guard, but the NWT rock jams. Koe can draw now for two. The sweepers drag it into the house! 2-2 after 2.
END #3: Dacey has to draw against five and does. 3-2 NS after three ends.
END #4: NWT get two. No idea how - I was watching a Hugh Grant movie on another channel.
END #5: And heading back to the movie.
Meanwhile the younger Howard takes at least two against Northern Ontario. Wow - 4, to lead 7-2.
NWT freeze to a NS rock in the button - rock is slightly exposed. Dacey chips it out and is counting 2, maybe 3. Dacey wrecks on a guard and NWT steal 1, leading 5-3 at the break.
END #6: Blanked. Missed it.
END #7: Pile-up in the house leaves Dacy only a crazy in-off. Close but no cigar. NWT steal one, maybe. It needs a measure. NWT do steal one.
END #8: Dacey draws for one against a handful of NWT rocks and gets the one. 6-4 NWT.
END #9: NWT take 2 and NS throw in the towel.
TSN switches over to Manitoba-PEI. Stoughton is decidedly NOT in command of this match. If Stoughton wants the needed two to tie in the ninth, he must make a very tricky double. Seems he will try it. He makes it! PEI take the hammer to the tenth with the screw 5-5.
Pretty dramatic ending of this match. Manitoba puts a rock in the 8-foot, which did not curl as they hoped. PEI make a very tough hit and more or less stick to win.


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