Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Hmm - TSN - Draw #10

PEI and Alberta?! I am not sure of my level of commitment.
End #1: There are two guards and ALL the other rocks are in the house! (4 Alberta, 3 PEI.) Morris cleans up marginally - one PEI rock goes out but we still have a crowd. The PEI rock is open and Alberta have a mittful in the house. After first PEI skip rock Alberta lie 4. And at the end Alberta score 5. I think this match is settled.
So does TSN. They have flipped over to Quebec-NS, which is 2-2 after three.
End #6: Freeze upon freeze and Nova Scotia are in nice shape. Score is 4-4. A Quebec runback is brilliant, clearly away all those frozen rocks. Quebec's rock is, however, pretty open. Dacey wrecks on a guard. Quebec clears away some NS rocks and lie one. Dacey leaves a possible double for Menard. Menard makes the double for at least 4! Five. SO this one is over as well.



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