Saturday, March 14, 2009

Page 3-4 Playoff, The Beginning

In the first end, Gushue (Nfld) was forced to draw to the 4' to take one.

End 2
For some reason, I like both these teams and generally cheer for both of them to win. But also I think either Ontario or Alberta would do better at the Worlds.

Big mistake by Fowler (Manitoba 2nd) who hit a Nfld stone but rolled off and knocked a Manitoba stone back ANd lost his shooter. Nfld looks to be in good shape this end, as both teams, but Manitoba especially are having troubles judging the weight on the ice. Nichols (Nfld 3rd) comes up a bit light, leaving a double opportunity for Park (Man 3rd). He hits and rolls next to the Nfld shot stone. Gushue (Nfld skip) takes out the Man shot rock but loses his shooter, leaving a nose hit for Stoughton (Man skip) to lie two. Gushue hit the Man shot rock and rolled a bit out but still lies shot. Stoughton hit that one, rolled to the button and barely avoided jamming the Nfld rock.

MAN 2, Nfld 1

End #3
Typical beginning: Manitoba has centre-line rocks, Nfld a corner guard. Fry (nfld 2nd) throws a really nice tap that eases a Man rock off the centre line and rolled behind the corner guard. Ray comments that the Man team is questioning Stoughton a lot -- he thinks too much. Geez it sure is early to be discussing so much and trying an in-off double, and Fowler doesn't get either Nfld rock out of the house. Moves one back and misses the other. Fry doubles out two Man stones, and Nfld has two behind guards. Park bounces off one in a freeze attempt, allowing Nichols an attempt to push it back, but he didn't curl quite enough, jammed his own out to bite the 12' and rolled in to bite the 4'. Park is able to tap the Nfld rock back, leaving Man counting three with two Nfld rocks in the 12'. Nichols tried a double, but knocked out Nfld's two rocks with a jam. Close, but not good for Nfld.

Stoughton runs the only Nfld rock out of the rings to lie three. Nice sideways double by Gushue, but his shooter is exposed. Stoughton hit-roll to lie two with one behind the guard, and leaving Gushue no choice but to draw for one.




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