Saturday, March 14, 2009

Page 3-4 Playoff, Last Two Ends?

Well, last night it was the last three ends. Let's see what happens this time.

End #9
Manitoba has the hammer and would love to blank or take two. Again all the play is along the centre line. No corner guards. I'm surprised Manitoba didn't make more of an effort to blank this end, but both teams have two rocks in the house, and Nfld keeps putting up guards which Man then peels. Park tries a run-back double but only peels the guard. Nfld put up another guard. Park tried another run-back double and not only just peeled the guard but left his shooter as a guard on the Nfld stones. Gushue puts up another guard. Stoughton makes the run-back double that Park twice tried and missed. Time out for Nfld. It sure is fascinating listening to the discussions of options and "what if"s. Gushue draws right down next to his shot rock.

Risk/loss decisions for Manitoba. There's a run-back double for three for Manitoba, but it's too risky. Stoughton tries to draw for one, but gives up a steal of one.

Nfld 7, Man 6 after nine.

End #10
Going into the 10th end, is it better to up one without the hammer or down one with the hammer? Nfld sure has turned things around in the last few ends.

Nfld draws to the button with the first rock; Man puts up a corner guard. Nfld comes tight to the rings with another guard; Man draws right up to the shot rock, followed by a Nfld rock right behind it. Man follows that rock down, taps them all a bit, and the Nfld shot rock is now behind the t-line and might not be shot rock. Nfld taps into the mess, spilling a Man rock onto the button and another into the open. Man removes the Nfld rock at the top 12, pushing it through a hole.

Nfld asks Nichols to try an in-off double, which he makes -- spectacular shot!
Park does an angle tap-back for Man to get second shot. But he's less successful with an attempted run-back double. Gushue guards. Stoughton tried a run-back double, but didn't make it. Gushue tries another guard.

With Nfld sitting one, and reasonably well-protected, Man is facing one and in trouble. Stoughton makes an amazing angle double raise takeout of the Nfld shot rock to score two and win.

Man 8, Nfld 7.

We're off to dinner tonight, but hope to be back for the semi-final at 8pm EST between Ontario and Manitoba.



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