Saturday, March 14, 2009

Page 3-4 Playoff, Ends 4 & 5

End #4
The fourth end begins with Nfld rock on the centre line. Both Nichol and Park have rocks that are a bit heavy -- weight problems persist.

Nice freeze by Gushue to Manitoba rock that is partially on the button. Stoughton draws to the other side of the button with a beautiful shot. After lots of discussion, Gushue thinks he can double or maybe even triple the Man stones out of the middle of the house. He moved them around a bit, but Man lies one and Stoughton draws to bite the button for two.

Man 4, Nfld 2

End #5
All the play ends up in the rings after the first 4 stones are delivered. The thirds on both teams are struggling, with the lowest curling percentages on the ice. When Man has 3 in the rings, Nichols tries a freeze to the Man shot rock, gets a 2" bump, leaving it pickable. It's a tough pick for Stoughton, who catches and removes the Man stone behind it, but takes out the Nfld stone and still is sitting two. Gushue tries to freeze to the Man shot rock, but comes up 6" short. But Stoughton jammed, took out the Nfld rock, and took out his shot rock, AND moved the other Man rock to the outer ring. Gushue had an easy hit and roll to blank the end, but hit the rock on the wrong side, and rolled into the rings.

Man 4, Nfld 3; Man has the hammer to start the 6th end.



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