Saturday, March 14, 2009

Page 3-4 Playoff, Second half

End #6
All the play is in the centre of the rink (down the centre line). Once again Fowler (Man 2nd) is in the hack just as the front end questions Stoughton's call. Some tension on the team, perhaps.
Odd, because Man is leading, but there sounds like some frustration in their voices. Nice tap out of a red stone by Park. Nichols tries to come down to the rocks in the centre, but is about a foot light. So Park taps that one out, too. Man has 4 in the rings behind the T line. Gushue's first attempt to freeze is a bit heavy -- a 6" bump. Stoughton knocks it out, leaving his shooter on the button. Gushue hits and rolls into the open, leaving Stoughton a hit for two.
This game is a perfect 1-2-1-2-1-2 for Manitoba.

MAN 6, Nfld 3

End #7
Nfld sets up with two corner guards, and Man with two in the rings on the centre line. Man removes a guard along with one of their own in the rings. hit-roll; hit-roll; come-around draw attempt by Nfld as they ignore the Man rocks that are sitting 1-2, but it is exposed. Park peels and avoids the jam. Nichols' draw attempt drifts deep. Park flashes. Nichols hits, rolls, freezes with his second shot. Stoughton tapped the Nfld rock in the back of the house, but not out. Gushue slides of the Nichols freeze, opening them up and leaving his shooter exposed. Stoughton hits and rolls, leaving a tough choice for Gushue to try to get two, and with luck he can maybe get three; odds are against his making this shot. Not a bad decision, given that he's down three. Got two with a very nice shot.

Man 6, Nfld 5

End #8
As Alan noted yesterday, the TSN ads and interviews sure take a long time. I was able to pop a bag of microwave popcorn during one of the breaks (not the major th-end break, either). So by the time TSN rejoins the game, the third rock is sliding down the ice. Manitoba is up one with the hammer. Who do you think would give Ontario a tougher game?

Wow! Stoughton just kicked off a stone that sure didn't look as if it was going out. It probably won't matter, but it looks mighty cheesy nevertheless.

Gushue made a nice tap up. Stoughton peeled the guard. Nfld can't decide what to guard. Gushue puts up an off-centre guard. Stoughton tied a tricky runback, but gave up a steal to Nfld. so after 8 ends, the score is tied!

Nfld 6, Man 6



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