Sunday, March 15, 2009

2009 Tim Hortons Brier, Final: Ends 4-5

Well, whaddya know! Only 15% of the recent visits here have been from people looking for the Nude Women of Curling photos.

End #4
Damn. I lost all I'd written. Well, in summary, Alberta dominated the end, but Stoughton made a really good draw to the button. Martin's only play was a runback takeout, which he made for three.

ALB 6, MAN 1

End #5
After 4 ends, Kevin Martin is curling 100%. Amazing. The odd and difficult thing is that it is hard to identify any truly horrible shots from MAN that let this game get so far out of hand so early.

At the start of this end, Alberta has two on the button (one is a bit deep), and Manitoba has two corner guards. Later, Morris almost makes a sideways double. Gee these guys are good. Park comes to within 2" of freezing to the ALB rock on the button. Martin tried a hit-roll, but didn't roll much. . Stoughton tries a freeze onto his own on the button, but is 8' light for third shot. Martin drives it out. Stoughton has to draw-freeze to their own on the button to get two.

ALB 6, MAN 3 going to the break.



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