Saturday, March 14, 2009

Brier Semi-Final, Ends 4 and 5

Manitoba is up one with the hammer as the 4th end begins. Howard and Hart have not been sharp so far.

End #4
Ontario hogged their first stone. Ray is sure it caught something. Nice hit-roll by Brent Laing (ON 2nd). It's a bit exposed, leaving an opportunity for Fowler to hit and stay off the centre line. Ooops... I drifted off a bit.

Howard wrecks trying to go around a guard and Man rock in the top 12. Gould seems to harrassing Stoughton at this point, and Stoughton seems a bit upset. Tries a draw and rubs. Howard is concerned, though, about what to do with his last rock. Tries a thin double, but gets only one. Draw for two for Manitoba, but the draw goes a few inches too deep.

Manitoba 5, Ontario 3

End #5
Same opening. Fowler comes up a bit light with a freeze attempt, but Laing misses with a double attempt. Laing wrecks on the guard, opening things up. Park hits and rolls, so MAN has three in the rings. Hart tries for a double. Gets it, but also pushes out an Ont biter on the side.

Park hits and sits to lie two. Hart draws around the corner guard but is partially exposed (not much, though). Stoughton barely cleared the guard for a hit-roll to lie three, and once again Howard is on the ropes.... must try a freeze to the rock on the button, but bumps it back 6". Stoughton wants it out and isn't going to worry about removing his own at the same time. It'll force Ontario to take one. Nice pick by Stoughton. Howard must get a piece of the 4' to score 1.

Manitoba 5, Ontario 4 at the break.



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