Saturday, March 14, 2009

Brier Semi-Final, Part I

End #1
Manitoba sets a centre guard, Ontario goes around it. Man runs the guard back to drive the Ont rock and the run-back out of the rings. Draw-hit; draw-hit, just missed a double. Park runs the guard straight back and saves it for 2nd shot. Hart draws to lie two. Park rubs on the guard. Hart draws to the 4', but probably left a double and maybe a triple. Stoughton missed the double, driving the top Ontario rock between the other two.Howard puts one right back there (by mistake -- he wanted to tuck the draw a bit more behind cover). So Stoughton has the same opportunities and gets the double, leaving Ont with a draw to the 8' for two.

Ont 2, Man 0

End #2
MAN has a corner guard, but all the other rocks are in an uneven line along the centre line. With the 2nds, the runbacks begin. Nice hit-and-roll by Fowler (MAN 2nd). Hart hits and rolls, but isn't shot. Park draws, but is wide open for Hart, who jams the double attempt. Man is still shot. Beauty come-around by Park. Howard doesn''t have many options but to try to come off his own. Had the result of removing one of his own and knocking a MAN rock across the house with the house well-split. Another nice draw by Stoughton. Howard is discussing several possible TV shots. Misses a triple and gives MAN an opportunity to draw for four. High cost-high risk decision.

Manitoba 4, Ontario 2

End #3
Do we really need to hear this chatter from some schmoe from Halifax?
As usual, Ontario (with the hammer) has a corner guard, with a bunch of other rocks along the centre line. Nice double by Fowler, peeling the corner guard plus one that was biting the 12'. Nice hit and roll by Laing. Double by Park leaves Man with 3 in the rings and Ont with one. Hart's attempted hit and roll ends up rolling the wrong way. Park doubled off the two Ont rocks but loses his shooter. Ont takes off two Man rocks. Only one in the rings, now as Man tries to hit and stick, and Ont will try to blank the end. And doesn't! Hits and sticks.

MAN 4, ON 3



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