Saturday, March 14, 2009

Brier Semi-Final, Last Two Ends (?)

Howard is curling only 63% in this game. Ontario is lucky to be down only two with the hammer going into the 9th end.

End #9
Two corner guards from Ontario and two in the top of the house by MAN.
Nice freeze by Howard. Stoughton slams and gets a double, too. Howard draws, Stoughton picks to lie two. Howard must draw for one.

MAN 7, ON 6. Manitoba is up one with the hammer going home.

End #10
What has happened to Howard? Stoughton is looking strong despite a lot of missed opportunities to put the game away.

Nice pick by Fowler. House is clean, there are three guards. ON needs a steal to tie. That count of 4 for MAN in the 2nd end highlights the need to consider 2nd, 3rd, and maybe even 4th moments of probability density functions. Ont didn't handle the risk of that situation very well.

Ontario has one in the house, and Howard will try to put up a guard on it. Stoughton peels it. Howard draws again. Stoughton has a draw to the 4' for the win. And makes it to upset ON in the semi-final. Man 8, Ont 6. Man faces Alberta in the final tomorrow night at 8pm EDT.



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