Sunday, March 15, 2009

2009 Tim Hortons Brier, Final: Ends 6-8

End #6
Alberta seems to be barely missing a few shots, so once again MAN has good position early on. Neither ALB nor MAN was able to hit-roll in their first attempts. Finally Morris is successful, with both of his shots -- great hit and flops. Stoughton came up a tad light on his draw attempt, but froze nicely to the top ALB rock. His second shot is too heavy, leaving a draw to the full 4' by Martin for two, and he hits the button.

ALB 8, MAN 3

End #7
The vices are interesting. Both appear to be trying to assert or challenge to be the alpha male on their teams. Morris seems finally to have worked out who is the alpha for Alberta (but what will happen if they ever lose?), but Park doesn't seem to have accepted that Stoughton is the skip, and Stoughton seems willing to let the niggling challenges persist, perhaps because Park is a good curler.... until the 6th end when Morris really out-curled him.

Repeat of the usual: Two in the 4' for Alberta, two corners for Manitoba.

I don't want to say it's over, but it sure looks as if it is. ALB is dominating this end, even w/o the hammer. There are no MAN rocks in the rings as the skips throw their rocks. Stoughton tripled, but Morris swept the shooter out, just barely. Martin draws around the guard, forcing MAN to draw for one.

ALB 8, MAN 4

8th End
Won't it be nice to have a break from the same old ads for a few weeks? I'm grateful to the sponsors, but the ads do get tiring after having seen them for two years. And does it seem to you that Ray is babbling more than usual?

Well, let's see if MAN can hold ALB to only one or maybe steal this time. So far, Gould is STILL curling 100%! Isn't that something!!

Alberta eschews the corner guards that would be typical when a team has the hammer, opting instead to draw to the top of the button and top 4'; Manitoba had two centre-line guards. Kennedy tried a double peel but jammed the back guard into the rocks in the rings. Prediction: Stoughton and Park will not be together next year: dja hear Park grousing to the leads while he was in the hack??

But on the very next shot, Morris doesn't seem all that happy with Martin's call, and they're still together, so who knows.

Morris throws an angle raise takeout, followed by a draw from Park. Nice shots. Martin draws to the t-line and is shot. Stoughton tries a tap, but is a bit heavy and bounces into the open, leaving a hit-stick for two for ALB.

ALB 10, MAN 4. Can't they shake hands yet???



At 3/15/2009 10:39 p.m., Blogger Ron said...

I would like to thank you for the running commentary. I have been watching the Brier all week, but I am at a family event with no cable TV this weekend. I have been able to check your blog every few minutes for the updates. I have really appreciated it.

R. Kelland


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