Monday, April 06, 2009

2009 Ford World's, Draw 7 - Canada vs the Czech Republic

End #1: Canada, with the hammer (though CurlCast seems to say the opposite), and with Morris throwing his second rock, already have two rocks in the house behind a phalanx of Czech rocks that came up short in front of the house and one Czech rock, counting second, at the back. Morris gets them sitting two. A Czech raise attempt comes up short. Martin guards against a more successful raise but overcurls. The next raise attempt leaves Canada lying two but gets a rock into the 8-foot. Martin is heavy and Canada take only two.

Doc mentioned that TSN were downplaying the problems with the ice (my evidence that there seem to be some was the prevalence of ends with scores of 3 and 4) last night, but it seems the City of Moncton threw resources at the supposed non-problem, possibly a very good stimulus infrastructure project. There was only one end with a score of 3 or more this morning in four matches. So maybe something had to be done. But I guess we'll see. It is a difficult time of year - days in Eastern Canada can alternate between late spring temperatures and winter temperatures, as they have here, and even an air-conditioned arena is likely to be affected by that.

End #2: This is a lot more open. The blather is suggesting that this is because the Czech skip wants to give his team the chance to make some shots in less complicated circumstances. Sadly one of those relatively easy shots is missed, and Canada now get a chance to lie two. One Canada rock cleared, the Czech shooter leaving the rings. Canada again lying two, not much opportunity for a double. Same result on the next Czech shot. Rinse, lather, repeat. Martin's last rock rolls close to the other Canada rock - Czechs take the one they are more or less forced to take.

End #3: Canada seem to have filled the house with rocks while I was setting up the breadmaker. They are counting four with the hammer and rocks are running out. First Czech skip rock gets a roll, but is open, with a small likelihood of a possible jam. Martin peels, so Canada lie three - the peel call avoided any possible jam and further complication. Czech skip rock goes through the house, leaving Martin a draw for four. To the button. 6-1 Canada. My attention may now wander a bit.

End #4: Nice last skip shot from the Czechs to get two with a hit and roll. 6-3 Canada. Meanwhile the Canadian team is thinking about swapping around their rocks as they find them behaving quite differently from one another and would like better individual matching.

End #5: First Czech skip rock wrecks on a guard and leaves Martin with some good chance of getting two. Martin leaves a double open. Czechs remove one, but not the second and the shooter rolls outside the remaining Canadian rock so Martin has a draw for two. Into the four foot for two! 8-3 Canada.

Unless something dramatic happens (and I do not include the Czechs conceding) I likely won't update this.



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