Sunday, April 05, 2009

2009 Ford Worlds, Draw #4

There were two games this morning, involving only four teams, not including Canada, so we didn't see it. One highlight, though, must have been the 6-ender scored by Scotland against the USA!

In draw four, Canada takes on France. Through the first three ends, it was clear (judging especially by the media comments) that the curlers were still struggling with reading the ice. The arena is still very warm, and that has played havoc with the quality of the ice.

France took one in the first end. Canada replied taking two in the second. France blanked the third end, when Martin's hit-and-roll was exposed. But then France flashed on a draw for one in the fourth, and Canada stole two to lead 4-1 after 4. Linda Moore says to watch for Canada to try to keep the rings clean, especially empty of yellow (French) stones for the rest of the game. But in the fifth end, Martin seemed pretty aggressive and piled even more pressure onto France. Dufour (French skip) came up light with his first draw attempt and was just as light with his second draw attempt, yielding a steal of three more for Canada.

Halfway through, Canada leads France 7 - 1. Dufour is curling only 43% (which is less than 47%!)

France takes only one in the 6th and shakes hands. All of team Canada looked very impressive in this game. They figured out the patchiness of the ice, they read and anticipated the effects of the frost, and they made most of their shots.

And France is not necessarily a push-over team. After all, this loss just dropped them to a record of 1-1. And in the end, Dufour curled 48% (topping my 47%!).



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