Saturday, March 28, 2009

Bye-bye Canada

As Doc just reported (I was awake briefly at 2am but did not look in on the CurlCast, and it would have misled anyway) the Jones rink representing Canada will not even get a medal this year. Maybe my earlier ruminations on their mental toughness were a tad misguided.
Even more amazing to me, though, is that Sweden's Norberg rink were also in the Page 3-4! There is a sea change coming in world curling, clearly marked by the utter dominance of China in the round-robin. Seems pretty clear evidence that the depth of the talent pool even in a freaky sport shared once only by Scots and Scot emigrants in Canada, once it becomes recognized by the Olympics, will win out.
I will give TSN credit - they are showing the last rounds despite Canada's not being in them. Of course, the sunk costs surely rule that decision. But I am happy.


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