Saturday, March 28, 2009

Semi-Live Blogging Denmark-Sweden at the Wonen's Worlds

As the child of a Norwegian mother, I do get a lot of pleasure watching Denmark versus Sweden in the Women's World Championship semi-final. Though of course both countries are responsible for terrible wrongs against Norway.
End #1: Denmark reluctantly take 1.
End #2: TSN aggressively not showing early rocks in an end. And then going out of their way to explain what we missed. Grrr. At this point Denmark has a guard at around 11:30 not far in front of the house. They tap it back to the button but the rock is open. Sweden do a great hit and roll behind the guard. The Denmark freeze actually taps a bit but the shot is still quite good. Sweden's attempt at a freeze misses, actually punching the Danish rock onto a Swedish backer, and lying wide open. Denmark clear that rock, losing the shooter. Sweden (Eva Lund, the third) freeze nicely to the Danish rock. Denmark miss big time on an attempted hit and simply go through the house. Sweden call a time out! In the second end! Norberg parks a rock behind some cover but a bit short of freezing on her other rock. Sweden count two. Dupont wrecks on the guard, leaving Norberg a draw for three. She is heavy and Sweden take two. Gotta be a bit worrying to find your draw weight utterly off so early.
END #3: I cannot figure this end out at all. First, all play is in the house, and then now there is a Danish guard out front at about 1 pm. Replaced now by a Swedish rock. Exchange of open rocks in the house now, and now out in front of the house. But it continues. OK Denmark is trying to come around now. And the rub on a guard, sit in the house, wide open at 3 o'clock in the 12-foot. Sweden clear that rock and the shooter. The younger Dupont also hits the guard. This is really not a pretty end. Norberg decides to make mischief and perhaps steal, and beautifully raises one of her guards into the 4-foot behind cover. Denmark raise a Swedish guard to give up a steal of two!!
I am not sure I need to keep covering this live. If it gets exciting, I will return.
END #4: Seemed like two teams displaying a large degree of incompetence. Denmark in the end barely take two. So I will keep watching.
END #5: Generally bad curling lets Denmark lie two behind a guard late in this end. Sweden try to run a guard back - reduces Denmark to lying one and opening the house up. Denmark kill the Swedish rock and force a draw for one. Let's see if Norberg can find the weight. Actually, she is hitting - and the shooter rolls out. Holy Cow - this is tied, and it is NOT a pretty picture at all. The Chinese should kill either of these teams if they show up and play like this.
I've got to take a bit of a break. If Doc is around maybe he will pick up the next ends.
END #6: Blanked in my absence.
END #7: Seems a pile of bad shots have led to a very messy house, behind a bunch of guards. Norberg freezes to a Denmark rock, having intended top four, but she is behind the T-line. Dupont's attempt to freeze slightly misses - why is this no surprise? Norberg has a draw or a tap of the Denmark rock for two. She makes the tap perfectly and Sweden score two.
END #8: Sweden fill the house with rocks as Denmark keep missing shots. The Duponts do not look happy. (But then, do they ever?) The third Dupont hits and rolls, though not entirely behind cover. Lund removes that rock. And now a decent come-around behind some Swedish rocks. But the rock is still largely open. Cleared nicely by Norberg. The boss Dupont tries a come-around - not bad - behind the T-line and mostly guarded.
A while ago Doc asked about make-up during the Canadian championships. Those Dupont girls do not skimp!
Norberg makes some totally weird bad shot, leaving the Duponts a draw to tie. Not the greatest draw ever but it scores two.
END #9: Another total mess of an end with each team apparently trying to give the advantage to the opposing team. Stunningly, Denmark make a good shot late in the end, burying the shot rock behind a guard, and Sweden is astonished to find they have to make a good shot. And the make a great double, clearing out the Danish offending rocks. Dupont the skip makes a great double, clearing the house of all but her rock, which sticks. Norberg empties the house, but leaves annoying backing that Denmark could use behind the house - Denmark miss by a foot or so. Norberg blanks handily, taking the hammer into the tenth end with a tied score.
END #10: I sure hope this is the last end of this not-so-great display of curling skills. There is a Danish center guard. They toss up another guard. Sweden clear one guard. Denmark put another one right in front of the house. Norberg seems to be playing for a final draw to win but she has been crappy at those - does this make sense? Denmark center guard cleared by Sweden. Replaced and cleared. Denmark is coming in now, maybe. Neither team has been at all good at this so they are spending a timeout to discuss this. Linda would come into the house now, as would I, and I just watch curling! The boss DuPont is coming in now, with an out-turn down the center-line. No sweeping. Pretty good - back four-foot and behind their guard very nicely. Now Sweden needs a conference and a timeout! Why do these teams all have male coaches? That annoys me. I thought these Scandinavians were so liberated. Sweden decide to draw and do a nice corner-freeze on the Danish rock. Denmark plan to return the favor. A miss here ends it, and seems quite possible, given the history today. Major sweeping! The shot overcurls slightly and Sweden win.
Sweden versus China at 2am Canada!
And hey! Denmark and Canada do play for the bronze - there I was counting Canada out totally!


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