Saturday, March 28, 2009

The Bronze Medal Game on TV? Probably not.

Both Alan and I forgot that at the world championships, there is a playoff to determine who wins the bronze medal.

As of now, I can find no indication that TSN will be telecasting this game, even though it involves Team Canada. Not even on TSN2.

Let's see: Curling. World Class. Prime time. The team from the world's largest and richest market. And yet the World Curling Federation didn't negotiate even a conditional contract with TSN to show the bronze medal game in Canada? Who are these schmucks?

Update: Not only is TSN not showing the bronze metal game, but I seem to be unable to follow it on CurlCast, too! Is there any site where we can follow what is happening??

Update #2: Ah, CurlCast is now showing the results. Perhaps the game began at 9pm EDT, not 8pm.

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