Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Second Tuesday Draw at the Scotties

It`s a Jennifer Jones festival today! TSN are back to the main broadcasting team, so we lose Russ Howard. Oh well, I look forward to him tomorrow morning.

Jones`rink is playing Kelly Scott`s. Both teams are at 4-2. This feels like old times, compared to the matches involving the wonderful new teams at the tournament. (UPDATE: I'll leave the weird punctuation as an object lesson - somehow in Vista I inadvertently changed my keyboard to Canadian French.)

On a side note, Doc has already complained, rightly, about the useless change in format of the CurlCast page. I have an additional complaint beyond his key content-related one that he cannot now watch all the matches as they proceed. My content-related complaint is that I find the UStream feed a total annoyance as I cannot figure out how to turn off its totally unhelpful sound, which interferes with sound I may actually want simultaneously from some other window in Firefox. Who decides to include these bugs disguised as features? Do they ask anyone about them? There seems to be a theme these days about degradations in service masquerading as improvements. Bah - humbug. Shape up you idiots! Stop making things that worked well stop working.

END #1 Jones seems to be establishing a pattern of missing significantly on her final shots and gives BC a steal of one. I was not paying a lot of attention but was writing the rant above into the wrong blog.

END #2 Jones lies three with skip rocks left. Lots of confusion on both teams about weight. Scott makes her rock second shot somewhat behind cover. Jones comes into the four-foot to sit two. Scott has a very tricky shot. And wrecks on a guard, promoting a Jones rock in the process. Jones draws to the eight-foot for four. OK - may develop an attention gap again.

END #3 BC barely manage to score one but do.

END #5 Jones got two in the fourth and BC two in the fifth. (Sorry - I was off raving in my other blog.)

Linda Moore has me busting out in laughter - she said something that sounded like thinking ahead is hard for skips. Come on! Football has quarterbacks, though I grant few call their own plays. Tennis players have to sort this out. Why would it be hard for curlers?

END #6 Jones hates the boring life. She gives BC a steal of one, and just as I mock Linda Moore's comment, her comment makes its point. OK I'm not worthy Linda!

END #7 Jennifer Jones loves complication! Askin has put two rocks into interesting places in the house, and Kelly Scott seems to enjoy complication too. Officer adds to complication, depositing another rock in the house - the Jones rocks are piled up brilliantly. I think she is thinking a few shots ahead. Sasha Carter cleans things up a bit - hey, Kelly Scott thinks ahead too! OK I cannot describe this end - let me say Jones was utterly in charge, and the Scott team screwed up a shot and it worked out brilliantly for them. Most sports have these aleatory moments. Jones breaks up the centre well but Scott still has a good shot at causing trouble. Scott misses, and Jones can score two and pretty much put this away. Perfect! 8-5 Jones.

END #8 These skips are so much fun. They just like trouble! And we have it again. Nobody is firing perfectly but what I love about both these rinks is that they keep firing aggressively. Jones takes 1 - she leads 9-5 after 8. I suspect this is another foregone conclusion.

END #9 Sorry was over enjoying K'Naan (great Canadian but likely not a curler - maybe his kids will try). It's funny - Jones is uncharacteristically keeping the house clean. At her advanced (?!) age she is learning something! When you have a four-point lead why ask for trouble?! But Jones goofs up a bit, and gives Scott 2. Though taking the hammer into 10 with a two-point lead - my guess is she feels pretty good.

END #10 Jenniferf Jones hate simplicity and she'd be better off if she liked it. But her team is scoring wonderfully and unlikely to get in trouble. OK was away for a bit and BC has a threat. And Jones prevails.



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