Saturday, April 09, 2011

Page 3-4 Playoff: Sweden and Norway, Early Ends

After a beauty draw by Edin (Skip, SW) behind a guard, Ulsrud (skip, Norway) tried an in-off take-out but was wide of the broom and gave up a steal of one.

In the second end, Edin whiffed on a double attempt, leaving Ulsrud with a draw for three. And then another near-whiff in the 3rd end has Edin slamming his broom on the ice and yielding a steal of one to Norway. Shouldn't there be a fine or penalty for slamming one's broom on the ice? I mean, not only is it annoying to watch fits of anger, but it could damage the ice.

In the 4th end, Edin was forced to try a difficult double tap, but it didn't work, and NO stole two more. NO is dominating after 4 ends, 6-1.



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