Wednesday, November 09, 2011

A Five-Rock Rule?

I first heard of this initiative watching the Grand Slam matches in the Sault last weekend; the original three-rock rule, then extended to four, is now going to be tried out at five for the next Grand Slam tournament next month in Kingston.
Amusingly, I thought the rule was already in force last week, as every time I watched a match the house seemed full of rocks. So it appears four was doing its job there!
This article from what I recall as the K-W Record (way back when I lived there) looks a little askance at the new rule.
Seriously? It looked like plenty of rocks in play this past weekend at the World Cup of Curling Grand Slam. Under the new rule the team without hammer would have to do something else besides peel on the second’s first rock.
Sure if you place the rocks a certain way, players such as Kennedy can make the stones disappear in a blink. But we are talking about the best of the best here.
Even if the top players decide they like it, it shouldn’t filter back to the clubs or enter the national or international rule books.
I rather agree but I plan to watch the new rule tried out!
There is a delicious irony. These rules were introduced initially because of the sheer utter competence of Kevin Martin's team as hitters (and the Scots at the time).
And yet I saw a video of Kevin Martin explaining the new rule (like a chess master) and even apparently endorsing it. Change the rules all you want and the cream still rises to the top!


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