Thursday, April 21, 2011

Another Prominent Canadian Third Gives in to the Day Job

Mark Nichols had indicated before the Brier that he would be stepping down as Brad Gushue's third after the Brier.
Now he is followed by Team Glenn Howard's Richard Hart, as reported by The Curling News today.
Inevitably, Hart’s decision centered around his career. As a project manager and vice president of his family-owned electrical engineering firm based in Pickering, Ontario, increased work responsibilities had become a factor. With a senior partner in the firm set to retire this year, the pressure had climbed a notch.
The article also reminds me of another case.
Just a few short weeks ago, Team Kevin Koe lost third Blake MacDonald to his busy work schedule plus family commitments.
Those pesky day jobs.
And of course there is speculation about Hart's replacement.
The early frontrunner for Hart’s spot has to be ex-Howard teammate Wayne Middaugh, who replaced Hart three times on the WCT this season. Middaugh shone in one particular event, the Canada Cup, in which the modified Team Howard won the title with a classic victory over Martin.


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