Sunday, April 10, 2011

Championship Match - Canada-Scotland, Middle

END #4: Drummond finds a port through a wall of front Canada guards to lie two, and Mead's nuclear option runback removes a Canada rock in the house and touches no Scotland rock; Brewster fills the hole Mead left with a guard buting the front of the house. Stoughton now tries hte nuclear option and gets rid of two, but Scotland still lie one. Brewster puts a rock in the top four to sit two; heis other rock is back four. Stoughton's attempted tap-back is off-line and Scotland steal one.
SCO 3 - CAN 1

One good effect of this; part of the crowd is getting quieter.

END #5: Canada trying to bury rocks behind two front Scotland guards but keep being exposed; a Scotland miss lets Canada put another rock in the house angled off the first one. Scotland do not make the double but get one of them. Next Canada draw stops close in front of a Scotland rock at the back. Scotland sit on top of that rock. Stoughton taps that and lies two. Brewster sits on top of it for second shot. Stoughton hits it on the nose for three.
CAN 4 - SCO 3

That Scottish cheering section can concentrate, mind you.

(Kim Brewster normally sits in front of that blue balloon, but was likely off visiting friends in the audience.)



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