Saturday, April 09, 2011

Semi - Final - Scotland versus Norway - Late

The intermission is used to present the Amber Holland Team Canada, to a standing ovation (they are in their home town), and they have a little interview. Holland is characteristically sunny, and professes only pleasure in their world's silver medal.

The crowd is very happy to think that there will be two Saskatchewan teams at next year's Scotties Tournament. In a Glee-ish moment, the individual running the sound system hits us with Journey, naturally, "Don't Stop Believin'".

Russ Howard points out that Ulsrud has had to make some pretty fantastic shots to keep Scotland from running away with this. This is not the Scotland team we watched last night.

In the sixth end Norway get a biter in thee front twelve-foot, and we get an exchange of guarding and peeling. Norway finally come into the rings with a second rock. Scotland hit the front rock and roll over in front of the back Norway rock. Norway tap the Scotland rock out without jamming. Looks like a possible double for Brewster to me. He jams instead and the shooter rolls off. Ulsrud has an open draw for two and makes it.
NOR 5 - SCO 4

The seventh end is played wide open and blanked.

The eighth becomes pretty wide open after Norway, in the process of peeling guards, also remove their last remaining rock in the house. Brewster blanks.
NOR 5 - SCO 4

The Scottish fans just put on a show that earned a major round of applause from the media. It was elaborate, involved quite a variety of body movement and chants, and was nicely synchronized. We now know what they are doing with their spare time.
The ninth end involves some awfully nice angle-freezing and hitting. Ulsrud's first shot is open in the eight-foot. Brewster changes his call from the hack, and does not get the roll under cover the change in call targeted. Ulsrud ignored that rock and decides to draw. He gets behind cover but draws too deep. This time Brewster makes the needed draw for two.
SCO 6 - NOR 5

Brewster's first rock in nine kills a Norway rock in the house and leaves Scotland lying two, open, with two short corner guards. Ulsrud puts a rock partly covered by one of the guards and shot (there is a Scotland rock touching the eight-foot just slightly farther away). Brewster's planned tap-back misses, sitting on top of the just mentioned Scotland rock, almost a freeze. Ulsrud blasts but appears to get only one. However, there will be a measure. It is one.
SCO 6 - NO 6.

We are getting our money's worth.

So far in eleven Scotland have pulled off two great runbacks. They are hitting every attempt by Norway to get behind cover (there is a short Scottish corner guard). Ulsrud's first rock runs a Scotland rock back, leaving Scotland shot, and Norway, in front of (not touching) second shot. Brewster's hit avoids the jam perfectly. Ulsrud's draw attempt goes long and Scotland win.

Despite losing my prediction I look forward to the cheering section in the final.

It is pretty hard to argue anything but that Scotland deserved this. After all, they were a clear second in the round-robin. I hope it is this Scotland team that shows up tomorrow.

UPDATE: I am glad I dodged the scrum, as the cheering section is REALLY putting a show on now. "Brr it's cold in here, Something something atmosphere." They are all down at the edge of the ice, and have assembled even people who do not sit with them.



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