Saturday, April 09, 2011

Semi - Final - Scotland versus Norway - Early

The audience reaction to the announcement of Ulsrud's name suggests Norway is the favorite of the two teams here.

Scotland turn the hammer in the first end into two.
SCO 2 - NOR 0

Ulsrud's first rock in the second end leaves what looked like an easy double for Brewster, who just misses it. NOR take two.
NOR 2 - SCO 2

The cheering may provide some evidence that Norway has more fans, but it is equally clear that Scotland seems to have more committed and intense fans.

In the third, Ulsrud on his last rock threw a late guard that may save him from giving up a pile. Brewster decides to draw for a possible two, but goes therough the four-foot and scores one.
SCO 3 - NOR 2

Ulsrud finishes the fourth end attempting to split a front biter into the rings; the biter does make it to shot, but the roll of the shooter leaves a Scottish rock second shot.
SCO 3 - NOR 3

The fifth end is a series of taps and freezes, advantage Scotland by Ulsrud's first rock. He gets a rock onto the button, backed by Scotland rocks. Brewster's tap-back attempt comes up light, leaving Norway shot. Norway guard. Brewster runs the Norway guard back and promotes one off his rocks into shot.
SCO 4 - NOR 3



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