Saturday, April 09, 2011

Page 3-4 Playoff Norway-Sweden, the Finish

Norway dominance continued, with the score 7-2 after six. Norway blanked the next two ends.
In the eighth, Norway kept the house pretty wide open, and Sweden could see where things stood. Kraupp made two trick deliveries (which I missed, watching the Masters on my laptop). On the final rock, Edin paid a nice tribute to Stoughton with a spinorama delivery, which actually proved to be an effective takeout shot.
A classy finish, a gift for the fans.
Norway-Scotland tonight, with the loser of that facing Sweden in the bronze medal match tomorrow. The match could well be interesting, as Norway was pretty inconsistent in shooting if not in scoring this afternoon.
One sign in the audience: "In pants we trust - Go Norway." And yes, the flag pants won again; they seem to have finally warmed up.



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