Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bronze Medal - Norway-Sweden, Middle

ND #5: Pretty open end, blanked by Sweden.
SWE 3 - NOR 3

END #6: Norway manages to get a bunch of rocks in the house, and keep pokiung out whatever Sweden put there. Edin's first rock comes up way short and sits as a biter in the front twelve. Norway put up a long guard. Edin makes his draw to the four for one.
SWE 4 - NOR 3

END #7: Ulsrud has to draw against two to the eight for one. He does.
SWE 4 - NOR 4

END #8: ulsrud's last rock comes up slightly short and leaves Edin a draw for two, which he makes.
SWE 6 - NOR 4



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