Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bronze Medal - Norway-Sweden, Early

The Page playoff system, especially when combined with having a bronze medal game, can sure lead to a strange sense of deja vu.
Having watched Sweden against Norway in the Page 3-4 game, we now watch them in the bronze medal game.
Later we watch Canada-Scotland in the final, having watched them in the Page 1-2, though that at least was longer ago.

I have not seen so many Norwegian flags in one place since my wife and I visited Olso a few years ago for the four days of their summer. I can imagine the scene tonight had they made the final. There are also a few Swedish flags. Both Ulsrud and Edin got a great round of applause.

END #1: I spent much of the end changing the batteries in my radio. Ulsrud goes into the house behind cover as shot. Edlin taps him back well out of shot. Ulsrud takes his one.

I was changing the batteries because the TSN audio feed, which includes all the players miked, is broadcast inside the arena on an FM signal. I lent my cellphone, which is also an FM radio, to Sebastian Kraupp's (Swedish third) father, who has been with us on the bench this week. He says this is utterly perfect - he understands both Swedish and Norwegian, can hear everybody on both teams; he says he has noticed that the discussion by the players in the hack is often at variance with what the sweepers are saying. Very interesting. Wish I knew as much as he did.

END #2: On third rocks, Sweden sit one and decide to split the house. In the end it gets them two.
SWE 2 - NOR 1

END #3: Not a pretty end for Norway. On one shot Svae, with surgical precision but unintentionally, removed all Norway rocks from play, leaving a bunch of Swedish rocks in the house and guards. A little later Nergaard manages to hit two guards and still put a rock on the button behind cover. To which Sweden freeze. Uslrud move things around and Norway lie two and three. Edin guards. Ulsrud cannot get past the guards and Sweden steal one.
SWE 3 - NOR 1

END #4: Edin's first shot just misses a double. Ulsrud comes deep into the house to inoculate against an Edin double. Edin just hits and stays, offering Ulsrud an opportunity to roll out for one or jam for one. Instead he hits and stays for two.
SWE 3 - NOR 3



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