Sunday, April 10, 2011

Bronze Medal - Norway-Sweden - Late

END #9: Edin misses his last two shots, on the first cleaning most of the ice of his own rocks, and not getting a tough double on his last. Ulsrud hits and just stays in the house for two.
SWE 6 - NOR 6

Sweden take the hammer to the tenth.

END #10: Sweden start off with two perfect ticks. This triggers a guard-peel alternation. Ulsrud puts his last guard over beside one of the Swedish rocks that did the early ticking. Edin goes to the front twelve-foor on the other side of the house. Ulsrud hits it and sticks. Edin draws to the four-foot.
SWE 7 - NOR 6

A few too many mistakes by Nergaard and Ulsrud.

Lots of applause for both teams.



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