Sunday, April 10, 2011

Championship Match Canada-Scotland, Last Ends

END #9: Stoughton leaves Brewster a hit for two with his last rock. Russ Howard says Stoughton is 'making' Brewster throw a hit instead of a draw. Brewster undercurls badly, and loses the shooter, getting only one.
CAN 6 - SCO 5

Kim and Ethan Brewster (Tom's wife and son) have been wandering about in blue jerseys with the St. Andrew cross on the back (naturally). Hers says 'KIM' on the back. His says 'Munchkin'.

END #10: Gould makes a perfect tick on the first guard. And another. The center is open. Then Carruthers peels the next guard as well as one of the tickees. Another guard peeled. Mead peels the next one. And the next. Brewster finally goes into the rings, but not behind the cover of the remaining tickee on the side he chose. Stoughton peels it. Brewster does not make the rings with the last shot. Canada is the world champion.



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