Sunday, April 10, 2011

Championship Match - Canada-Scotland, Late Middle

END #6: Canada has shot and is trying to protect it with guards. Linda Moore suggests Stoughton is planning to force Brewster to some draws, as he has had difficulty with them this week. Brewster's first rock is a draw and sits open on the button, and a little deeper than wanted. Stoughton freezes to it with a slight bump. Brester's tap is brushed to Stoughton's rock and gets the bump needed to take one.
SCO 4 - CAN 4

END #7: Two front Scotland guards are troubling Stoughton and Mead doubles them off, and rolls into the house to sit beside another Canada rock and Drummond removes them both, rolling out. Looks as if we are playing for a blank. For his last rock, throwing it through the house, Stoughton gives the crowd the requested spinorama.

END #8: Stoughton gets the chance to split the house early and uses it. A series of missed Scotland double attempts follows. Two for Canada.
CAN 6 - SCO 4



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