Friday, April 08, 2005

Canada vs. Norway - End 2

It turns out the biter in the first end didn't matter and both skips rightly ignored it. In the second end, Rocque's takeout attempt left the Norwegian rock still in the rings, with Rocque's rock biting the back 12.

Norway took out the biter, but lost their shooter. Pfeifer threw a good freeze to the remaining rock in the rings, so that a Norwegian attempted take-out led to a jam in the back. But then Norway made a nice freeze to Pfeifer's second rock, which was a bit deep in the rings. Ferbey's attempt to freeze to that rock overcurled just a bit, leaving Norway with shot rock.

Norway's third came down the left side of the ice with a nice draw to the button behind the centre guard. Ferbey removed the guard with his second shot, but couldn't run it back onto the shot rock. Trulsen tried to put up another guard, but was a bit short and didn't fully cover the shot rock.

Nedohin curled around the guard but got a nose hit instead of a hit and roll, sitting one but setting up a similar shot from Trulsen. There was a skinny double for three or maybe four, but it was pretty risky. The hit was a bit thick and missed the second Norwegian shot, leaving Norwegian with a steal of 1.

Norway 2; Canada 0


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