Friday, April 08, 2005

Canada-Finland Tie-Breaker

I think I have heard two very strange things so far in this match.
An end ago, I am sure I heard one of the announcers say that Finland was giving up two to get the hammer! I was not paying close enough attention to know whether this was simply the best of some bad alternatives.
And now in the latest end, Canada was playing for a Finland steal of one to keep the hammer!
Well the context matters, and what the realistic alternatives were. Finland now lead 3-2 after, I think, four ends.
Opportunity costs everywhere.

Well the strategy of letting the other guy steal (the sucker-punch) looks pretty good right now. Nedohin had a draw to the rings for 3 in the fifth end and made it. 5-3 Canada after 5.

Given yesterday's experience with Australia, there is no need yet to relax.

Update: The Finns love high-risk shooting - perhaps another hidden piece of romance in their culture like the taste for tango. Some daring shots turned the 7th end from a likely points bonanza for Canada to a forced draw for 1 by Nedohin. Canada lead 6-4 starting the eighth.

Update: Near-hopeless situation for Finland and their taste for risk finally cost (tradeoff was a very difficult draw for a Canadian steal of 1 versus a nutty deflection to possibly score 1) - steal of 3 for Canada in the eighth end. Surely even the erratic play of Canada this week cannot produce a loss now. This is good as our national network, ever so committed to serving curling fans, do not plan to broadcast the next round if Finland advances. Sheesh. And I go to jail if I refuse to pay for this nonsense.

Update: Finland finally yielded. And then the CBC did its thing..... Hey whoa!! I have to be fair here - they said they were cutting away and apparently not planning to show the US-Norway match to the end. But it seems they will carry this one too. Excellent. I will hold off CBC complaints for an hour or two.


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