Wednesday, April 06, 2005

The logic of television coverage

No doubt we will be posting many many more times on the Canadian Curling Association's new TV contract with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) this year, which has certainly bent me out of shape many times.
But tonight I am truly baffled - perhaps what I am noticing has occurred before, but this amazes me. The main CBC network is carrying a REPLAY of the Canada-Italy match from earlier today. According to my television listings, at the same time, The Score (a cable sports channel in Canada) is carrying LIVE coverage of a draw involving Canada's rink. I will give The Score credit for not being so foolish as to switch these responsibilities.
Who is well served by this? Does the CBC think its viewers do not have VCRs?
What might result in their having a few viewers in fact is that it is very difficult trying to find out what is being broadcast where. In fact the channel guide on my digital cable service has no hint of tonight's Score coverage (and in fact claimed, falsely, as I discovered) that they would be convering the 6pm draw (no Canadian team involved). This page gives me comfort : TV Schedule. (Hey - they did this last night too, apparently. Wow.)
I have a new interest in trying to find out ratings numbers for some of these shows.


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