Thursday, April 07, 2005

Canada-Scotland match

This one has been very interesting. Nedohin and Ferbey have both been playing very well, and Nedohin shooting mostly draws; there have been problems earlier in the Ferbey rotation. The most fascinating ends came early as Canada had to scramble to avoid some disastrous scores, and then the last three ends, as Canada has been trying to force Scotland, tied but with the hammer (last shot in the end), to score 1 (rather than more). Finally now in the seventh end Canada has succeeded and the shoe will be on the other foot.
The Scottish skip has made extremely delicate hits, barely slipping by a guard to empty the house with a double, and also putting draws just where they need to be to salvage an end (as he just did the seventh).

Update: Canada took two in the eighth - house was very messy and a very delicate Nedohin tap shot allowed two Canadian rocks to bounce into the right position, moving a key Scottish rock into obscurity.

Update: Scotland, one down, takes the hammer into the 10th end. Canada was in good shape for a while in the ninth to force Scotland to take one, with a split house, but Scotland managed to remove one Canadian rock and roll to the other; Ferbey then missed his attempt to split the Canadian stones.

Update: Nedohin just put his last rock in the tenth beautifully into the top of the four-foot and guarded. Murdoch must draw for one, having missed his first attempt at that shot apparently because of a pick. It goes too far - Canada steals one, and wins the match by two.


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