Tuesday, October 04, 2005

How Good/Bad is Colleen Jones?

As you may recall, Jones' team did not do well at the Scott Tournament of Hearts las February. In fact, they played so poorly that many began to doubt the advisability of giving the previous year's champion an automatic bye into the Scott. My own impression is that, for that tournament, the Jones rink was among the worst teams in the competition.

Others have shared this view:

Would you believe that Colleen Jones is only the 16th best female curler in the world?

That's where she's ranked in The Black Book of Curling, just published by Dallas Bittle and Gerry Geurts of Calgary.

... Bittle said choosing the top women's team was ... difficult.
Defending Canadian champion Jennifer Jones and world champion Anette Norberg were considered. But the shocker was six-time Canadian champion Colleen Jones of Halifax, coming in at 16th.

Bittle said: "I know some people are going to raise some eyebrows at that one because Colleen is such a strong player and she's won so much. Last season Colleen was dismal. She didn't qualify in a single event. Her overall winning percentage was 3.64," he said, noting Jones competed in four men's bonspiels.

The ranking came as a bit of a shock to Jones. She said: "We did have a bad year but against women's teams we were still batting .650 or .700. I know we didn't play that well but 16th? But then again the more you look at the stats I'm surprised we weren't lower than 16th."


At 1/04/2006 8:49 a.m., Blogger CntrvlNews said...

Whether you're a Colleen Jones Fan or not, check out the shirt on the Centerville Curling Club web.

At 12/04/2006 9:49 a.m., Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not a Colleen fan in anyway, my pet name for her is horse face and that constant chewing of the gum nauseates me but based solely on her career as a curler I think it is ludicrous to rank her 16th. 16th last year would be polite but if this ranking is for now and the future I think they would take into account the previous 15 or so years instead on weight so much on last year. It is enough to make sure I'll never buy, read or suggest "The Black Book of Curling" to anyone.


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