Monday, February 20, 2006

The CBC Does it to Curling
..... Again!

The Canadian men's curling team is taking on the US team; meanwhile what does CBC show? Alpine skiing.

Granted, a Canadian was leading after the first round of the giant slalom. At the same time, though, the Canadian men's curling team is duking it out for somewhere between second place and having to duel it out in a tie-breaker. Surely the CBC could show the curling and then cut away to the giant slalom when the Canadians are skiing.

Meanwhile, you can follow curling here.

Update: The CBC kindly cut away from skiing to show us Pete Fenson of the U.S. throwing a rock; they then speculated that the US might have scored three on the first end. They didn't. They stole one.

Please, CBC: give us a break and relingquish the rights to TSN!


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