Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Danish Curling Fans Afraid to Wave Their Flags at the Olympics

Because of the violent outbursts in many Muslim countries about the cartoons in Denmark, some Danish curling fans are reluctant to bring their flags with them to the Olympics:
When John Ziegler travels to the Turin Olympics on Sunday to cheer on the Danish women's curling team, he's leaving his country's red and white flag at home.

Muslim outrage over the Prophet Muhammad drawings originally published by newspapers in Denmark has left its mark even this middle-class suburb that is a curling hotbed.

Around the world, there have been violent demonstrations and calls for a boycott of Danish products as Muslims burned the country's flag.

"I was looking forward to waving it and making a lot of noise. But now we're keeping a low profile. I don't see any reason to add fuel to the fire," said Ziegler, deputy chairman of the curling club that is home to four of the five members of Denmark's Olympic team.
As I have said on EclectEcon, I think it is a shame that people try to use threats and fear to influence others, and I am saddened that some Danes are yielding to these threats.

I think I know which team will be my sentimental favourite (following Canada, of course).

[thanks to Megan Hevron for the link]


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