Monday, February 06, 2006

Mr. 6.25%

As many of you know, I started curling just a little over a year ago. I am now good enough that I can make precisely the shot called by the skip about once per game. Since we play 8-end games at our club, that means I throw 16 rocks per game. One out of 16 means I'm curling 6.25%.

Of course there are others that are close -- for beginners, close means within two or three feet; if you count those, I curl maybe 40-50 percent. And there are others that weren't what the skip called but which turned out okay.

But if my shots were scored by championship standards (e.g. the way shots at last weekend's Canada Cup were scored), I shoot about 6.25% on average.

Shooting 70% would be a star performance in our club. But watching those guys routinely make such fantastic shots at the Canada Cup was absolutely amazing.


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