Sunday, February 12, 2006

Canadian Men Go Off at 10/11 Favourites to Win Olympic Gold

On my other blog, EclectEcon, I posted a couple of days ago that I was unable to find a web site that listed the odds of various teams' winning the Olympic gold medal. In a comment, Paul indicated the odds are available at this site, but all I can find there are men's hockey odds.

Someone else posted these odds in a different comment, but I can't find the link to them.

Canada 10/11
Finland 18/1
Germany 9/1
Great Britain 10/1
Norway 9/2
Sweden 15/4
Switzerland 14/1
USA 12/1
Field (Any Other Country) 5/1
Canada 2/1
Denmark 20/1
Great Britain 10/1
Norway 9/1
Sweden 5/4
Switzerland 7/1
USA 6/1
Field (Any Other Country) 5/1
If you know of site that posts these odds as they change, please let us know!
Olympic curling begins at 3AM on Monday on TSN.


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