Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Justice is Cruel

The Olympic Semi-Finals are finished and Shannon Kleibrink's rink will have to duke it out tomorrow for a bronze medal, having lost to the Swiss team. This was a just outcome. The Swiss played far better. Kleibrink's rink, for all its various problems, never really seemed to have much command of the rink, at least in the matches I saw. Switzerland will play Sweden for the gold.
Meanwhile Brad Gushue's rink will be in the final, having defeated the US team today; the outcome seemed right to me, but they were lucky in that their previous defeat of the US was less clear-cut. Howard as a shooter still seems the weak link of the team. And it is not clear how much skipping he is actually doing as Gushue seems now to do a lot of overruling. It should be intriguing to see what happens back home (where of course normal provincial boundary rules will separate these guys).
NOTE: Corrected 'Denmark' to 'Sweden' - can't tell all those Nordic countries apart. Tx EE for the tip.


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