Monday, February 20, 2006

Two Comments Following the Round Robin:
Denmark; CBC

Now that the Round Robin draws of the 2006 Olympics are completed, I have two observations about the Olympic curling that you will not hear or read in the MSM:
  1. Denmark. I had a hard time cheering for the Canadian women's team in the last draw (the game against the Danish women's team). I did cheer for the Canadian team (and was delighted/relieved when they won!), but given recent events, I also cheer for Denmark frequently when a Danish athlete is involved.

    That having been said, did anyone see any Danish flags in evidence during the television shots of the crowd? I wasn't watching the entire time, but I didn't. In fact, I didn't see anyone wearing orange and white jackets or sweatshirts. For more on why this concerns me, see this.

  2. CBC. Who was the wise person at CBC who dreamed up their way of showing how many rocks were left for each team? Half the time when they flashed up the number of rocks left in their bizarre little spider (tv jargon for a numerical graphic), I thought they were showing the score, not the number of rocks left; and when I finally figured it out, I realized that concentrating on the CBC rocks-left-spider made it more difficult for me to concentrate on the strategies and action on the ice.

    I don't know about you, but I much preferred the TSN method of showing the number of rocks left in earlier, non-Olympic, matches that they produced: just string out a bunch of tiny red and yellow rocks across the top of the screen and take 'em off the screen as the shots are made.


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