Sunday, March 26, 2006

Why I Love Anette Norberg

Anette Norberg, skip of the world champion Swedish curling rink, was interviewed by mediot Joan McCusker of CBC following Sweden's win in the finals [I'm paraphrasing here]:
McCusker: Anette, tell us, how important was this win after your team won the gold medal at the Olympics?

Norberg: It wasn't really very important....
I absolutely love her.

Maybe someday mediots will stop asking such stupid, cliched questions like that.

Update: It seems that back in December I foreshadowed that interview here:
[T]he Brian Williams and Scott Russell cliches, especially the latter, are worse than annoying. And I am especially offended by Russell's asking questions which contain stupidly obvious answers within them:
  • How important is this game for you?
  • Gee, Scott, I think I'd rather go for a beer than be here playing this game....


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