Sunday, March 25, 2007

World Championships Final - 7th End

I am luckily awake as the CBC is broadcasting the Canada-Denmark match. Canada is up 5-3 after a delicate steal of 1 in the 6th end. We are down to Kelly Scott and Medeleine DuPont's rocks. Scott places her first rock in the house to lie 2 unprotected, but not offering a double. DuPont hits and removes the Scott rock, and Scott's response is likely to at least permit the possibility of two for Denmark.

Scott rolls perfectly behind cover. Her shot is simply superb. DuPont really has only a draw for one, and it is not trivial. Wow - is she only 19? She comes up short - it's a steal of at least one for Scott, and maybe a measure for the second. It is two for Canada. After 7 ends, it is 7-3 Canada.



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