Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Canada Still Looks Unbeatable after 13

Going into the 13th draw, Germany had been looking pretty darned good and Canada had been looking darned-near perfect. It looked as if this draw might really challenge Team Canada at the 2007 World Men's Curling Championships. In the end, though, Canada was SO impressive, it is difficult to know what superlatives to use. Gentle taps, perfect draws, impressive picks. Canada took two, forced one, took two, forced one, took two, forced one, took three, shook hands. Textbook curling, both in shot-making and in strategy. Have I used the word "impressive" yet?

Team Canada looks so good that it will truly be a travesty if they do not win the championship in the play-offs. I'm thinking of flying to Edmonton to watch 'em live....



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