Saturday, April 07, 2007

Canada-USA last night

Having missed the round-robin match, the only one Canada lost, I was disappointed at how easy a win Canada had over the USA in the 1-2 Page Playoff last night.
One factor that was discussed at length was somewhat straighter ice than in previous rounds (and a natural effect of the ice-maker's being worried about a full arena that evening). Neither Canada nor the US at the back end played well in early ends, and Canada's steal of 2 in the 4th, which was really crucial in determining the outcome in the end, seemed to have been built from the US team doing even worse at reading the ice than Canada was (it was an ugly end, featuring bad misses). The scoring stats show that Howard and team did start getting the ice more right after the first few ends, but the US skip never did seem to get it. His misses were costly, but were not misses by a lot. And others on his team made some small misses, enough to open big holes for Canada, that seemed to me possibly a matter of reading somewhat changed ice.
One can hope the USA-Germany match will be a barn-burner. I need something to entertain me until CBS' contract with the Masters lets them start broadcasting live.


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