Saturday, April 07, 2007

USA-Germany : Have I a Favourite?

I have seen more of the German team than of the US, thanks to Germany's having to prevail in three straight sudden-death matches yesterday. As a result, I have a lot of sympathy for them, as clearly having proved some toughness. (Of course, if any other team had worked their way through to beating Switzerland, that would have been true of them too.)
As for the US, they were a terrible disappointment last night (though that was confined almost totally to skip rocks, with some not quite ideal third shots).
One thing I will say, I would not pick to have the weaker team play Canada. I want the best possible match tomorrow. Howard deserves to win but on any given day ....
One utter highlight of yesterday was an Andy Kapp shot where his front end insisted on sweeping while the camera showed him desperately calling them off, with both vocal and body language at its maximum. It was very funny, and in the end it worked out for Germany.
It has been a week with its amusements.
Germany lead 3-1 after 4, deservedly, with a tad of luck in 4.


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