Friday, March 21, 2008

The 2008 Ford World Women's Championship - - Some Preliminary Thoughts

  1. I don't really know the other teams all that well, but my recollection is that Mirjam Ott and Debbie McCormick are both pretty darned good and could give team Canada a run for the their money. I'll still pick Jennifer Jones and Team Canada to win the 2008 world championship. Jones and her team looked awesome during their last eight or so games at the 2008 Scott Tournament of Hearts.
  2. I'm glad Dordi Nordby won't be there if for no other reason than that it became off-putting to listen to Vic drool over her so much on TSN.* Maybe he wasn't drooling over her, per se, but just liked saying her name, but it got tiring nevertheless. For a different view of her retirement, see this.
  3. Sometimes I wish I were spending the next week in the US: The only curling being shown in Canada are the round-robin games involving Canada. If Team Canada isn't playing, we do not get to watch any games between two other teams. For some odd reason, CurlTV is not allowed to show their webcasts in Canada even when nobody else in Canada is showing curling! Given the CCA's ineptness in the past, it should come as no surprise that I suspect they are once again involved in this affront to Canadian curling fans.

*When the Scotties were held in London, one of the curlers told us that Nordby enjoyed mental and word games (aka "trash-talking") with or at the other players. One time when Sandra Schmirler was taking a long time to prepare for a shot, Nordby opined,
We could order a pizza while we're waiting...
To which Schmirler straight-faced (and without looking at Nordby) said,
I'll have just cheese on mine, please.
and then continued with her preparations and made her shot.



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